colours and textures poster

Act One:

Colours & Textures (Full Cast)
Fantastic Day (Jonathan Tan)
Invisible (Gabe Antonacci)
Crazy Like Me (Kate Etienne)
Black Heart (Jonathan Tan with cast)
Skates (Aaron MacKenzie)
Single Day (Adam Hobbs, Anwyn Musico)
Fruitloops & Pogos (Aaron MacKenzie, Kathryn Ballantine)
Mocha (Allie Hughes)
Between Yellow Walls (Jonathan Logan, Adam Hobbs)

Act Two:

Waiters of the Blue and Orange Masquerade (Boys)
Saturday (Kathryn Ballantine)
Surfin on a Cloud (Aaron MacKenzie)
How Can You Blame Me (Anwyn Musico)
Taylor Vs. Me (Opening music by Zina Goldrich) (Adam Hobbs)
Star Lost Lovers (Aaron MacKenzie, Allie Hughes)
Four Months (Jonathan Logan)
Unerased (Adam Hobbs, Jonathan Logan, Gabe Antonacci)
Roses in the Rain (Kate Etienne and cast)
Colours & Textures (Reprise)

colours and textures

On the evening of Monday, December 14th, 2009, people excitedly packed themselves into the Upstairs Berkeley Street Theatre, in Toronto for what was going to be a truly unforgettable evening. It was Colours & Textures, the first song-cycle of the original compositions of Doug Price.

The evening started out with a bang, as the all-star cast belted out the show's title song. The sound filled the space, coming from Doug on piano, Mark Godfrey on bass, Anton Rubisov on drums, and nine brilliant voices.

The talented cast of vocalists consisted of Gabe Antonacci, Kathryn Ballantine, Kate Etienne, Adam Hobbs, Allie Hughes, Jonathan Logan, Aaron MacKenzie, Anwyn Musico and Jonathan Tan.

The evening progressed and song-cycled through a total of 19 songs, each complete as stories within themselves.

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From L-R: (back row) Monika Seiler, Anton Rubisov, Gabe Antonacci, Mark Godfrey, Doug Price, Allie Hughes, Kate Etienne, Jonathan Logan, Aaron MacKenzie, (front row) Adam Hobbs, Anwyn Musico, Kathryn Ballantine, Jonathan Tan.

Photography courtesy of Jamie Buisman Photography.