Music Makes Me

surfin' on a cloud

taylor vs me

between yellow walls

at the side of the court


fruitloops and pogos

smile at the sun

music makes me

The lights dim. The stage shines. The audience holds their breath. Over 60 performers prep themselves to present an entire evening of Doug Price original music to a sold out Wolf Performance Hall in London, Ontario. November 1st, 2010.

The evening begins with an exciting blast of sound from London Central S.S.'s award winning Wind Ensemble in their rendition of True North Strong. The piece, originally written as a Hockey Night in Canada Contest Submission, sets the stage for the tidal wave of music prepared for the evening.

Following the wind ensemble is Toronto-based performer Aaron MacKenzie. Aaron introduces the evening with a wonderful performance of Surfin' on a Cloud . A quick-paced song from the point of view of a character excited about his future.

Next, Jono Logan charms the audience with a story-song titled The Video Store Adventure. Jono's fun and quirky style fit both the character and rhythm of the song.

The show then brings back Aaron MacKenzie, joined by the lovely Alicia Toner. The two of their voices warm the room with the blissful song Star Lossed Lovers. The song depicts a Juliet and her Romeo caught in the current of love.

The following piece introduces the grade 8 choir TWELVE from Lester B. Pearson School for the arts, under the direction of Mr. Rob Cairns. The kids surprise the crowd by running up to the stage right out of their seats in the audience.  The choir performs Colours & Textures with all the flash and style the song calls for.

After TWELVE, the audience is introduced to Anwyn Musico. Anwyn appeared as Liesl in the Toronto Mirvish Production of The Sound of Music. Anwyn takes us through the emotional story of Mocha; a girl expressing her anguish at the loss of her little brother.

The audience is brought form tears to laughter when Adam Hobbs presents his version of Taylor vs. Me . This song is a take-off of the popular Kristen Chenoweth-made-famous song "Taylor the Latte Boy". The more you know the original, the funnier this take-off is!

Adam is then accompanied by Jono Logan for Unerased. A lyrically pleasing ballad that features a short solo by bassist Mark Godfrey.

The Wind Ensemble is reprised to close off the first act with the three movements that make up Sapphire. The ensemble's performance of this piece won them a Gold Standing and the Lewis Michael's Trophy in the Canadian Composer's Class at the London Kiwanis Music Festival in the spring of 2010. 

Act two begins with the bubbly jazz band piece Tangerine Soda. Mrs. Linda Wharton leads the Central Jazz band through the loops and solos of this fizzy piece.

As the jazz band finishes up, Adam Hobbs and Jono Logan come bounding in from the theatre doors to the intro of Between Yellow Walls . There are really no two other guys who could do this Barenaked Ladies-style song justice. Both Adam and Jono win over the crowd with their witty humour and stories of Doug.  

After the energy of both Adam and Jono, Aaron MacKenzie is brought back on stage with a tender ballad Skates. Aaron enraptures us with his stunning voice and his storytelling.

Next, pulling the focus right back to himself, is Adam Hobbs with At the Side of the Court . A comical song from the point of view of a Wimbledon Tennis Ball Boy convinced his job on the court is clearly more important than anybody else's.  

The evening begins it's home stretch with an incredible performance by London's own songbird: Denise Pelley. Denise stuns us with her phenomenal voice expressed through the song Reach .  She is beautifully accompanied by Lester B. Pearson's TWELVE.

With a come back of comedy, Alicia Toner and Aaron MacKenzie take the stage again in a zany duet about a guy and girl who fall in love at a grocery store over two products: Fruitloops & Pogos .  

Following this kooky, yet tasty duet, Anwyn Musico once again finds a way to pull at our heart strings with Smile at the Sun . Anwyn's commitment to the song combined with her soaring voice make this performance one of the many unforgettable moments of the evening.

Before the title finale of the show, Aaron MacKenzie, Adam Hobbs, and Jono Logan team up for a final blast of testosterone in the absurd yet wonderfully powerful song: Waiters of the Blue and Orange Masquerade

Which brings the evening to the title song Music Makes Me . The finale weaves every performer and ensemble of the evening into one big mash of music; both instrumental and vocal. Congratulations to all performers for a fantastic evening and a wonderful wave of music.

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